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Opioid use?

It seems as if the more and more I read the pages of people with Vestibular Dysfunction, Pain is a part of it, I remember when my right ear was still working but barely, the pain would be so bad, the thought of not living sounded better, although that’s not who I am, I have to admit it was a quick thought, when my ear died, that’s the only word I can give it, I felt the death, heard the sounds, felt the vibrations, but The pain was gone for a short time, the pain comes and goes with sound, temperature, wind, weather changes, stress. The pain so bad, it feels like a ice pick going through my ears, through my brain.

So why are Doctors not giving Opioid’s to help with the pain, I use to be in the medical field and would question when someone would call over and over for refills for their new prescription. So whose fault is it? The Doctor, the patient, the pharmacy board? . Well it’s all three, the patient the Doctor shop, and over usage, the Doctor that doesn’t check the patients pharmacy record and the Pharmacist for not looking up the patients record themselves.

There is computer program that is through the pharmacy board that can tell your Doctor what meds you are on and who gives them to you, If you are getting it off the streets, obviously they wouldn’t know. The patients can be monitored to make sure prescriptions are coming from 1 Doctor for pain management. Giving the Doctors the information they need. Pharmacy’s can also take responsibility by seeing if the patient is getting one script from the same Doctor for monitoring. Pain Medicine Doctors are not writing Opioid’s, which I find interesting, There title Pain Management Doctor and they won’t write pain meds. So what is the answer, Giving more and more injections with steroids and toxic chemicals or MJ. I recently went to my neuroopthamologist and was sitting in a room of 25 people in a room the size of a patient exam room. Well I have to talk specially with that many people, They were all there for Botox. Really Botox, Botulism, rat poison, they are getting it in there ear canals, eye sockets, back of neck, all over the skull . So I researched this medication that is the new gold standard and found the site effects of Allergic reaction, paralization, blindness and it now has been found to get absorbed into the cerebral fluid and can have permanent site effects. It’s a Toxin. Most Autoimmune diseases are caused by Toxins, well that’s a huge toxin. Some repeat every 3,6,9,12 weeks apart. My thought was, everyone in here needs Botox? Or does the Doctor get more money from the insurance company for all this Botox, It was like a Flue shot clinic. It can be as high as $1000 per visit. A lot more than writing a rx for pain meds and a office visit because that fee is just for the shot. I have 1 Doctor writing my prescription so there is not a question as far as Dr Shopping.

With Opioids are now coming with a Stigma, I have had 3 Doctors offer me green cards to get MJ. Really? Just write everyone prescriptions for MJ and no pain medication. My fear is for the Patients with Vestibular Disorders or any other disease is either path brings on risks to our other organs and addiction. For the patient who is at stage 4 cancer and dying, being an addict is a non issue. but for others it is, So what’s everyone’s thoughts on the pain med debate?????

Kelly Helsel

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