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Horse Therapy, could this be for you or a loved one?


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I had the pleasure of crossing paths with Kara Lund Padilla via facebook, then by telephone and I believe we were meant to meet, Kara has a business called Equine-sense.com. Kara has found away to take her passion to help others. She uses her passion of horses to help children and adults either learn to ride horses for Fun, hobby or for therapeutic purposes. I didn’t understand myself the benefit, Kara and her team teaches the care of the horse, the techniques of riding horse and they bond with the horse. All done in a safe environment for people with special needs. Although she is in Texas, she does have camps, but if you read and click on the blog, you can learn more about what she does and you may be able to find someone close to you that offers the same type of therapy. I always want to bring attention to someone who is using there passion not make millions but to help others. That to me is hard to find and considered a Hero. Kara is down to earth, easy to talk to, humble, willing to answer her questions. If you can go on her web site and check out all the beautiful horses and ranch I know Kara’s team that helps her with the ranch have to be gentile and loving people as well. A Therapy I never thought of. Kara is a pure gift. I am looking forward to moving forward in our friendship. We both have the same mission to help people, Not to many people out there helping others.. So I see our friendship will be a positive wonderful experience and journey together. http://www.equine-sense.com/

Please check out her site, look under her blog and how they can help you or your loved one. Kelly

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