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My experience with addiction.

I have never been addicted myself, but anyone in your family that is addicted, well the entire family becomes a part of that addiction. It’s easy to enable addicts, because it’s harder to say “Yes” than no.

From a parents point of view, I tried to do everything right, Quit my high paying job to work at a office so I could be a part of the class room, boyscouts and be at home with my kids, I had a baby monitor under their beds so I could hear if they were sneaking out. I trusted my children, until they gave me reason not to. But from someone who never was around drugs, I didn’t know what to look for. I noticed going through baggies and Tin foil a lot, but my one son put single servings into baggies trying to loose weight, tin foil he made swords out of with plenty of Duct tape. But again That was my one son, I never noticed smells, or drugs, my son refused to take his ADHD meds because he didn’t like the way it made him feel, so I would never think of anything, but his interest in school was changing, I asked his school counselor to help, the principle and no help. I Noticed his friends changed, he was looking way thin, I didn’t realize he could sneak out out the screen window and I wouldn’t hear a thing, he started getting edgy, mean, irresponsible, wouldn’t do his chores, being mean to his brother. Yelling at me. I went and bought a drug test, feeling guilty that I would think such a thing and it was negative. I was wrong. Or was I?

The attitude slowly getting worse, nasty mouth, and actually cornered me up the wall and called me the lovely b word. I slapped him which I had never done before and took him down to the ground, mind you he’s 6″4 and I 5″4 he slapped me back and I ran out of the room and my younger son and I ran and hid, Couldn’t find my phone. So I made him take another test. Negative. I was so relieved, until I read the instructions of how they can cheat their test, he had a little bottle of bleach under the sink he could put in there. Well Made him take another in the other bathroom and it was positive for Pot. I called to get him into counseling the next morning. He became even more violent, and every test done with nothing in the room is now Negative, I didn’t know what synthetic urine is, or stuff the head shops sell to make your urine negative. When I figured that out, then he used his brothers urine. So I kicked him out. Those were the rules of my house, My little one and I were afraid of him. I kept his phone on because I needed to know he could reach me.

This was the hardest thing I had ever done, Not knowing who, where he was, knowing if he had food. I didn’t sleep for 3 years waiting for the call that he had been found dead. But we continued counseling and I didn’t recognize who my son was. This was not the son I raised. I had to let go, but he still knew I was there and he could come home if he chose to get help. Well, he did, He finally wanted to help, has been clean for 4 years, got his high school diploma, has his own place, car, good job.

My mind goes back to where we were 4 years ago, and I thank god he is still with me, He thanks me for kicking him out and understands and says he would be dead if I hadn’t. My point is as parents we need to be educated, Pot isn’t just Pot anymore, its filled with other more addictive stuff in it. Meth is not only smoked,it comes in pill form, capsules, you have to know your kids friends, you have to not enable them. They must have rules. There are places that help your kids and influence your kids to cover up their addiction. The court systems just want them out of the system, the court system wasn’t a help, the schools don’t care. Its the parents responsibility. Please educate yourself and beware of what your children are doing.

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