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Making Connections by Free People!

FP Stories: Making Connections

By Free People

“We’re always told that making connections is important, but do we ever actually listen? It’s a new age, full of disengaged strangers stuck in a daily dose of scrolling as they wait for their morning coffee. Have we developed an intimate addiction to an inanimate object, or do we bury our faces to avoid interaction? I’ve learned that it’s better to step out of your comfort zone and take advantage of the endless connections around you…”

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The Way To Finding Powerful Human Connection

By Zen Habits

“Human connection is not so common in our age of connectivity. We see lots of people but find our little cucoons to hide in. We don’t realize we’re craving a deeper connection with others until we find it.

It’s hard to connect, because cultural norms get in the way — we’re supposed to talk about the weather and sports and the news, but not our deepest struggles. We’re supposed to say cool or witty things, but not share our greatest hopes for our lives or the person we want to become.

It’s hard, but human connection is one of the most powerful forces available to us. We don’t realize we thirst for it, but we do, and the thirst is deep. When I find real human connection, it nourishes my soul, changes me, moves me to tears. I can’t count how many times I’ve cried this week. My heart feels raw, in a way that opens it up to further connection. So how do we connect, when it’s so hard? I’d like to share some thoughts:”

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Making Authentic Connections

By Free People

“This weekend, I overheard a woman speaking on the phone that hit my heart like a ton of bricks — as ‘connected’ as she may be, she has never felt more lonely. ‘I have hundreds of acquaintances but not one friend I could call if I were in trouble,’ she sadly stated over the phone. ‘I see photos of babies being born year after year, and birthday celebrations with families, but I don’t know the woman sitting next to me on the train. I tell myself I am connected, but I’ve never felt more disconnected.’

Holy shit, she’s right, I thought. Our addiction to social ‘connectedness’ has completely altered the true meaning of the word. As we share our lives on social media and connect with others, we sometimes forget what true human connectedness actually is. Life is hard. Life is beautiful. It is messy and it is raw. And sometimes it just sucks. But more often than not, we don’t share our authentic and real side with others. Maybe it’s fear, maybe it’s shyness. But maybe it’s just because, sometimes, we don’t know how. It got me thinking of what an authentic connection is and how we can have more with the hundreds of strangers who cross our paths every day.”

I know for myself, there have been people who connect with that you feel you have known your entire life.   And others that you just don’t feel like there is a connection.  That for me goes back to the old saying People come into your life for a reason and leave for a reason, there is either a lesson for his person to teach you or vice versa and when there done, time to move on. 


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