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What’s the life with a drop attacks?

I have been diagnosed with Autoimmune disease of the ear. Life with that disease alone is like that of a menieres symptoms but with a few additions Drop Attacks!. Drop Attacks are when you collapse with out notice, you have no control, you don’t go on conscious, I don’t realize when its happening, only after its happened. Then my muscles are so weak, I have no strength, This life is very limited because you have no control and you don’t want to go out on your own. The Injury’s alone are devastating. Then after the attack I am really fatigued and then comes the hang over for days after, When the all occurs I am conscious but unable to determine where I am at the current time and to try to get up, I have to lay there for about 1-2 minutes before I can think straight, The ER Doctors don’t understand and it makes it very difficult to heal one side of a injury if you injure the other side. So healing is a difficult situation. Your left leg is injured and your tore your right rotator cuff. Makes sleeping a lot of fun, or trying to get up and take care of your self. Sometimes I can just lay in bed and wait until someone comes home to help me get up and function or get a glass of water. Its not a fun life with all of this, but Drop attacks are the worst.


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