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Nocturnal Seizures

I myself have been not knowing what’s going on with me. All the symptoms, new and old seem to fall under the category of the “Norm” of Autonomic Disease and Dysfunction. But this last year I have noticed waking up having what feels like a seizure, I can actually feel like my brain shaking, it feels like my chest in shaking, my nerves and muscles in my hands are moving, I get jerky muscle movements as well. It’s been scary so to be honest I haven’t said anything as it was happening just once in a while and every time you go to the Doctor that just look at you like your nuts!

So instead I emailed Stanford asking my Doctor and telling him of some worsening symptoms I was experiencing and this seizure thing happening, because its happening more now. Some times 3 times a night, then of courses going back to sleep is not going to happen, the fear of going back to sleep keeps me awake.

So after writing him and his quick response to get into the office right away, it scared me a little bit. Well a lot. So what do I do, what I tell people not to do is go on the internet. Okay, it happens more then you think, and most people don’t know they have them. but I do. Because of the different stage of sleep I’m in, I am aware of it which then makes it worse.

Good news is there are medications to control seizures, epilepsy and if those don’t work you can have a device put in your chest that sends electrical shocks up to your brain to try to keep you from having them all together. To be honest, I am so tired of drugs, there site effects, I ‘d rather have the device put in. I know that sounds crazy but I have already tried a lot of the epileptic meds due to migraine headaches and they made me very sick.

So that being said there are several reasons for having these seizures, one forget medication, alcohol withdrawal or drug withdrawal, lack of sleep, insomnia, misfiring in your brain. or previous drug use, well I have never tried drugs unless given by a Doctor, I don’t really drink, I do have insomnia and I can tell you I have my wires misfiring in my brain. I can tell something is wrong, I can feel it. I am so tired. I can sleep 20 hours a day everyday. my brain fog is so bad. I forget from one thing to the next. Head pressure galore. So I am off to Stanford. Hopefully since there is no cure, symptom control is all I can expect.

So hopefully this visit will be a new beginning for symptom relief.

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