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A Poem from the Menieres support group.

My mind is cloudy full of noise
My balance comes and goes
The world around me seems so strange
The cure nobody knows

I long to hear the silence
But with screaming in my head
No peace is there for me to find
And a silent room I dread

For whether I am all alone
Or standing in a crowd
My ears confuse my senses
And both just seem so loud

It’s like my head is not attached
Confused and filled with doubt
So light upon my shoulders
It just seems to flop about

I get quite sick and giddy
As the world rocks to and fro
And when it’s bad without a doubt
Down to the floor I go

I can’t control the retching
Which takes a hold on me
It’s like my stomach being tossed
Upon a raging sea

It difficult and miserable
As the worst days take their toll
But I hold on tight and ride it out
My head stuck in a bowl

The better days I manage
With cautious hands I guide
No longer tucked in pockets
Or lazy by my side

They balance me and reach out
To avoid a trip or fall
The swagger in my step right now
I think is really cool

So every good day that I have
I keep a smile and say
This illness will not beat me
Because, I beat it today.

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