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Have you ever heard of this Brain Disorder. People are driven to fight and flight mode, anger, anxiety, uncontrollable behavior in a negative way because of sounds. Sounds that are in the category is chewing gum, smacking, slurping, chewing food, voices, walking in certain shoes, playing with plastic, water dripping could be any sounds even someone’s voice or even a swallow of water. It doesn’t just irritate you it actually causes you to not be able to think before actions, whether you yell, throw a tantrum, leave a room, some people become closed in there home, to avoid the sounds, there is no cure but there are exercises you can do to help the symptoms but very few Doctors treat this disease, let alone have ever heard of it. There are online tests to see if you have this disease and this disease is described as a neurological disorder and the brain’s wiring not working correctly. I found a clinic that specializes in this disorder and it is a disorder not in someone’s head, it is recognized by the neurological society as a disease. You can even take a class through the Brainclinic.com Dr. John Hatch. There are located in Utah but if you want to take a class with out having to go to Utah on there site they offer a class for a small fee to not only help you understand you what’s going on but also teaches your exercise that can help you deal with your disease. I can remember my dad going absolutely go nuts at the table if her heard anyone chew, slurp, swallow, he would get so angry and other videos I have watched the patients being diagnosed recognized a family member to have had the same sensitivities. If you find your self having any of these systems you can test yourself online. Again, the Brainclinic.com in Utah offers a class online, it was less than $50.00 for all the education and exercise’s to help you cope. There is a youtube link below to watch the first video. Copy and paste the link below to watch the Video.


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