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What a Hug can do!!!

The first week of May 6th,7th is National Hug days.  \

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Global Free Hugs (GFH) Mission:

To spread kindness through the simple gesture of a free hug and let people know they matter in the world.

When is it held?

GFH is an annual event held the first weekend of May.

Why GFH?

Because you want to be part of a positive solution bringing more love and kindness in the world simply by offering a hug.

Global Hug Intentions

  • Huggers in every continent
  • Hugging in as many countries as possible
  • Hugging in all 50 states
  • Peace leaders and organizations to participate
  • Letting people know they matter with the simple gesture of a free hug

How to Participate:

  • Have an open heart, open mind, open arms and a willingness to spread kindness
  • Create a free hug sign
  • Find a public place to offer free hugs to those walking by – enlist friends or go by yourself
  • Take pictures and email them to hugs@positive-focus.com or post on the Positive Focus Facebook Event page.
  • Share your hug experience with us on our Facebook event page or via email.
  • Public events preferred, however please join us if you are having a private event and/or simply hugging your family and friends that day. Send your pictures and we will include them on Facebook and in the video if there is room.
  • Note: You will find that lots of people will walk by without getting a hug, yet many of them will smile, so know they have been touched as well.


Sign up for…

Global Free Hugs 12 – May 6 & 7 2017

Thank you for joining us for GLOBAL FREE HUGS 2017 on MAY 6th or 7th Note: Only your first name and hug location will be shared on the global hug map. Your email is confidential. Big hugs, Carol PF Founder & Vision Keeper

  • Who is the main person organizing the event
  • Main contact email address – we will not share your email address.
  • Are you hugging with friends, list their names here (first name all that is required) Are you hugging with a club, organization? List name here.
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About Positive Focus!!!!!!

A Non profit worth messaging, Positive Focus!  With the world is crazy as it is today, divided as it is, The Violence, the shootings, the kidnappings, the racism.  Here is a Non profit that wants to focus on the Positive for everything from health , to finances to offering hugs to teaching you how to live a positive life.  Worth checking into if you want to change your life.


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